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Buying a Kitchen in the January Sales?


We are getting close to the time of year when all national kitchen retailers begin their big sales period, with many money saving retail offers to be had.

By all means shop around to be sure you are purchasing a kitchen, worktops and appliances you are happy with. But then STOP!

Find out how much the national retailer is quoting to install your kitchen, make a note of their install price, and then contact us.

Either by phone 01234 365627 or mobile 07799 412459, through our Facebook page D Gibbs Carpentry Limited or e-mail

We can offer a higher standard of install on your chosen kitchen product at much more competitive rates than any national installer.

How? We don’t have showrooms, salesmen, directors or company cars to pay for. We just offer highly accurate installs at fair prices, week in, week out. We are a local company who cares about their reputation.

We fit 50 kitchens per year, every year.

Take the national kitchen retailers sale offers on their products and pay our installation team direct to fit your new kitchen to the highest standards.

Unsure if we can deliver? Check out our reviews on our Facebook review page or on our website.

Sound too good to be true or you are still unsure?

We can provide genuine reviews from genuine customers to put your mind at rest. We haven’t fitted over 50 kitchens a year, every year, for over a decade by chance.

Our reputation means everything to us. Your won’t be disappointed.