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Kitchen Fitted For Free

Yes, its true!

When Keech Cottage Hospice contacted us asking if we could fit their new kitchen in their adult care centre at a reduced rate, we were only too happy to help. Keech Cottage is an excellent local facility offering palliative care to children and adults and is a charity close to our hearts.

Not only did we fit their new kitchen, we did it for free!

This is what their Partnership Manager, Shirley Scotcher, said about us

“Thank you for all the work that you did for us – the workmanship and quality of your work was top notch, and we are all so impressed with what you did for us, so generously.

I appreciate that there were a couple of hiccups from our side, but you dealt with them in such a professional manner, I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who may want their kitchen fitted.

Thank you so much again

Warmest Wishes



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